Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trying something new - Need your help

Blessed Sunday friends! And a wonderful Father's Day.

I'm gonna get right to it. I need your help.
With all the Etsy stuff going on i've been looking into alternatives. They are all kind of expensive for me. Since i'm just starting up with my shop I don't want to invest too much in a platform for selling.
What I came up with for now is to add a simple paypal button to my items right here on my blog.
This way I can keep the costs down to a minimum and keep the prices low for you guys.

What I need your help with is if you can take a look and see if it makes sense. I know it's nothing like Etsy or any of those fancy shop websites but let me know if you think it will work like this.

At this time I only added a paypal button to the Summer Floral Sticker Set under the Stickers tab.
The price for those is $2,50 and it's a digital item so no additional costs.

Have a look and drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Thank You!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

What's new?

Happy Thursday friends!
I'm very happy about this thursday because tomorrow is a national holiday which means my weekend is extended by a day. Yeah!

How have you been? I hope all's well with everyone.

I see a lot of Etsy news going around social media today. They announced an increase in fees. I'm not happy about it especially since I just closed down my stand alone shop and reopened my Etsy shop.
So now I'm looking at alternatives again. Any tips are welcome.

But in other happier news...
There are new stickers and papers up in the shop! And they are gorgeous. I love the bright colors. Bright happy colors and florals is always a good combination.
I am working on more stuff in this summer theme so keep an eye out for those.

A couple new inserts are coming too. I've been busy with new sizes. If there is an insert you'd like to buy but the size you're looking for isn't available yet let me know and I'll fix that. 

Two days ago I decided to reset my pc (again) and getting everything up and running has kept me busy all week. 

I'm off to the drawing board.

Have a wonderful friday and an even better weekend! Bye

Sunday, June 03, 2018

My Plannercon update



This will be my first time going to something like this. I'm so excited. Can't wait for May 2019 😊

Click on the picture to check out the site. Who will I see there?