Thursday, January 26, 2012

New stuff

I just changed my background to this lovely background by Cute 'n' Cool
Took quite some time because blogger doesn't let you change everything so you'll have to make do with what they give you (quite annoying).

Sooo, I found a couple of great sites/blogs/pages thanks to Lifebook 2012. Lots of really cool webshops also. I even found the Stampington magazines for sale right here in the Netherlands *WOOHOO* and ofcourse I ordered the new one that has Tam in it *so excited*. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

The Lifebook 2012 workshop is amazing so far. It's keeping me quite busy which I love. I'm all artsie again LOL.

I have a couple of new pics I wanna share. Some are my lovely workspace; I got this really cute vintage looking bureau (don't really know the exact word for something like this - please help me out here) from my aunt and it's very handy with all the little drawers and stuff. I'm posting a pic and hopefully someone can help me with the name for something like this.

My lovely workspace <3

And here are some new faces I did and a face I'm working on. Don't really know what to do with it yet.

The first try; didn't really like the colors

The final version *lol*

Working on this one

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