Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Happy Happy

Helloooooo happy fun awesome people out there in the virtual universe!!! Yep I'm happy, very happy because it's a brand new day! Every day begins with a choice; to be or not to be. What to be or not to be? Totally completely up to you. For me it's to be happy, to be grateful, to be the best I can be, to do the best I can and above all be blessed. I'm so very blessed with my 3 lovely beautiful amazing children. At times they do tend to make me not happy LOL but then I think about all the people that can't hold their precious child anymore and feel blessed that I can. So in the spirit of it all I started a new journal. It's the small moleskine watercolor version and I didn't know it's this small but I like it. A lot actually. It's great for making fun fast stuff and when I wanna do a bigger piece I'll use the other paper I have. Here are some pages I did yesterday and today. They're a work in progress. I have no idea why the pictures are turned around when uploading them here but it's annoying. Anyone know how to change this?
My moleskine journal

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