Thursday, March 08, 2012

Golden Girl

Heyyy there, a little post from moi again. I've been swamped with lots and lots of artsie stuff (hich I brought on myself and enjoying every minute of). I joined a couple more of Tam's classes. So I think I'm doing all of them now LOL. I just love the way she teaches. It's easy to understand and it feels like you're just sitting with her around a table. Love it! So what have I been doing? Let's see: I made a pdftemplate in Photoshop (Digital Dreams course) and then I wrote my story on the template. Here's the template.
I've also been drawing a goddess (Magical Mythical Makings) which was really fun to do. I did the arm wrong and didn't really like the background either so I cut them out hihihi. Problem solved. Here she is.
At around 2 in the morning I finally convinced myself to go to bed. I really don't get enough sleep. I tend to start the artsie stuff when the kids are sleeping and that's around 9 pm. And then time just flies by leaving me very irritated at it LOL. Wish I could freeze time! O one more artsie image made in Photoshop.
Did I mention I'm also taking the Supplies me class by Jane Davenport and the Letter Love 101 class by Joanne Sharpe? Busy busy busy LOL. Have a great and artsie day all!

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