Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AHA moments!

Yesterday was a real aha moments day. After extensive research and lots of online workshops I think I finally found my art style. It's hugely influenced by Roben-Marie Smith and her wonderful intuitive style of painting. She has amazing workshops. Love everything she creates.
So I finally made a page all by myself last night. Probably sounds a little strange but what I mean by that is that I made it without any video on on my laptop for inspiration and/or ideas. I am so excited!
Here is the page I'm talking about.
Another aha moment was when I got the idea of printing a black and white image on tracing paper. Really cool transparent effect! Love it!
I have a feeling I will be doing that a lot more.
Tonight I'm going to use the tracing paper for gelli plate printing. I wonder how that turns out. I've done it with deli paper but the deli paper is so thin and rips easily. Do like the transparent effect of that too. That's what I used for the border on the left. I also made a deli flower thanks to the tutorial by Sandi Keene.
If you haven't heard about the Documented Life Project (DLP) I really recommend taking a look. It's awesome! 

This is a workshop by Art to the 5th

And here is the deli paper tutorial by Sandi Keene.


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