Sunday, July 26, 2015

My recent obsession with planners and stuff

Hi how have you been? As I mentioned in my last post I was well on my way to being a planner addict and here we are. Completely addicted lol. I've been keeping myself pretty busy with that and a little less with making art but that's fine. Just feeding the soul what it's craving. And right now that's planner stuff.
My original Midori came and I loved it but so did the love of my life so it became a father's day gift. It is more masculine anyway. He already took it travelling.
And me... I got myself a FoxyDori. A gorgeous blue one with my initials on the cover.
Custom planner (dori) by FoxyFix
The picture really doesn't do it any justice. As you can see on the picture i've been stocking up on planner goodies. Together with lots and lots of instagram planner inspiration and Christy Tomlinson's Planner Workshop I am enjoying myself a lot. On the left of the Dori you see my selfmade dashboard with lots of very cute post-it's I bought online at Hema. The label maker is also from Hema. On the right is my very first DIY Midori insert. Really easy to do and so much fun.
I bought a couple of inserts from etsy also and love them but it's way more fun to make it myself don't you agree. For this insert I used dotted paper that I downloaded for free from Nina Christensen.
Today I found a really great insert that I will definitely use in a new insert on Wendaful Designs.
Etsy is a real goldmine too when it comes to planner stuff. I have a huge list of favorites on there. I am in love with the store of Vintageroseshack. Love the sweet colors of her planner packs. She is on instagram as @imvintagerose.
So this is what I've been doing since I last posted. I will be back soon with more deliciousness. Off to bed now. Have a great sunday!!

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