Sunday, May 15, 2016


Have you seen the movie War Room? Have you read the book Fervent? Both are by Priscilla Shirer and are amazing. I saw the movie a couple of months ago and it made me really think. It awakened something in me I didn't even realize was slumbering.

And then I saw a post by Rachel Puckett on facebook about her war binder and it hit me that THIS IS IT! This was missing! I immediately searched for more info on war binders/planners/journals and bought the book Fervent. I bought it on iBooks first because I just had to have it right away and then I ordered the paperback version online.

The book is amazing! It opened my eyes to so much that's (been) going on around me (for years). Most importantly I found my passion, my faith is restored, and I feel alive again. Thank you Rachel and Priscilla!

The video of Rachel about her war binder.

Enjoy the videos and have a very blessed Sunday!

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