Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Stuff

Hey friends!

Happy almost weekend. Depending on your timezone it might already be friday.

Hope you had a good week and got lots done. Or maybe you had a relaxed week and didn't have to do a thing ;)

My news today is all the designing I've been doing is looking great! I've shared a bunch of freebies over in the Facebook Group. If you haven't noticed yet there's a new tab at the top. There you can go to see sneak peeks of what's available for download in the group. Also to make it easier to actually get to the group I added a link with a join button. Nice huh :0)

Don't tell anyone but the pretty paper I added to the shop is a freebie in the group 😉

Here's a pic.

It's Letter Size and I made it a png. So if you print it on normal white paper it's just as you see it here on the pic. BUT... print it on vellum or acetate and magic! Try it and tag me in your pics. I love to see what you do with it!

I think i'll make a dashboard or an insert cover. Or maybe both. I don't know yet. Keep an eye on my IG for the result.

Another something I'm working on.

I am going to cut these out and play with them. The bows will be turned into paper clips and the cup will be laminated so it lasts longer. Plus with it being laminated I can put my sticky notes to the back of it. Pics will be coming to my IG.

I'm off to play. Byeeee.

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