Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trying something new - Need your help

Blessed Sunday friends! And a wonderful Father's Day.

I'm gonna get right to it. I need your help.
With all the Etsy stuff going on i've been looking into alternatives. They are all kind of expensive for me. Since i'm just starting up with my shop I don't want to invest too much in a platform for selling.
What I came up with for now is to add a simple paypal button to my items right here on my blog.
This way I can keep the costs down to a minimum and keep the prices low for you guys.

What I need your help with is if you can take a look and see if it makes sense. I know it's nothing like Etsy or any of those fancy shop websites but let me know if you think it will work like this.

At this time I only added a paypal button to the Summer Floral Sticker Set under the Stickers tab.
The price for those is $5,00 and it's a digital item so no additional costs.

Have a look and drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Thank You!

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